1. Do you require a deposit to reserve a private dining room?
A valid credit card number is required to secure ALL reservations in a private dining room. The credit card number must be received upon booking your event. No charges are applied to the card except in the event of cancellation. If cancellation occurs within 14 days of the scheduled date, a $200 cancellation fee is applied.

2. What are the minimum and maximum number of guests each room can accommodate?
Our private dining room has a minimum requirement and maximum capacity.  The minimum requirement must be met in order to book the function. The room will require a guest guarantee (guaranteed number of people attending) within 48 hours of the scheduled date of the function.

Sunday through Wednesday: Minimum of 15 guests
Thursday through Saturday: Minimum of 20 guests
*Luncheons will be set in the main dining area for a maximum of 36. 

3. Is there a room rental fee?
The room rental fee only applies when the minimum number of attendees for a given room is not met. The room rental fee is $200.
*Fees are subject to change during the holiday season.

4. What are the menu options and prices for each of the private dining rooms?
The regular a la carte menu is available only for private parties up to 15.  Any party more than 15 must select one of the private dining menus.
*Roma Menu is only offered Sunday-Wednesday
*Napoli and Cocktail Menus are ONLY offered during the month of December.

5. What are the bar/liquor options?
Liquor is charged by consumption. We offer:

  • Open Bar (Wine, Beer, Mixed Drinks)
  • Beer and Wine Only
  • Cash Bar

6. Can a private party have separate checks?
Separate checks are available but limited to 10 per party. The Event/Sales Manager must be informed in advance if separate checks are required.

7. Does Ruffino's supply A.V. equipment?
We have a screen and projector built into the room with a charge of $150. If you need to order additional A/V equipment, the order must be placed 48 hours in advance. The A/V charge will be added to your final bill on the night of your event.

8. Does Ruffino’s have internet access?
We have free wireless internet access in every room, and wired Ethernet access in the Ruffino room (Cat5 cable not supplied). Bandwidth is limited to 1.5Mbps at peak performance. The WIFI is secured, and the login password is available upon request.

9. What Additional charges will I see on my bill?
Food, water, tea and coffee are included in our menu prices. Soft drinks will be charged per drink and has unlimited refills. There will also be 10% sales tax and 20% gratuity applied to the check. In the event that minimum guest guarantees are not met, a room rental fee may apply.